Polished Dew


Dews in the morning

Polished on a blade of glass

soon vanish in heat

My own tears falling

hold fast my hope with faith rise

captures the small light

Tokpisin Translation

Wara long moning

Sain lo longpla tip blo grass

bai pinis lo hot

Aiwara blo mi yet

Holim disla liklik lait

wantaim hope na faith

Pets Add colour

Animals I keep as pets
are like my ornamental plants beautifying home

By jgp

My son loves to keep cats as pets. When he was 9 years old, a neighbour gifted him an orange tiny kitten to look after.

He brought it home to me and said, ” Mummy I like this kitten, would you mind feeding it when I am gone to school?”

I agreed that I would take care and feed his tiny feline.

He gently placed it on my arm and it felt cold, tiny and frightened. We started to comfort the kitten and made a warm home for her in a box.

Next we made her warm milk and fed her. At first she felt frightened and shy but later came out to feed.

When my son went to school, I took care of his kitten and stayed with it all day. On the third day, the kitten started to settle down and played with my son and the whole family.

The bright tiny kitten grew fast and it’s fur was shiny and bright orange. My son named the cat Amibk Moss’ in my mother’s Kumai language is called a young lady.

One day Ambik Moss courted a young male cat and they played around our family backyard garden all day. Some weeks later our cat’s belly swell up and we knew she was pregnant.

One morning, we checked her home and she was with three tiny fluffy kittens, two orange grey and one full orange colour.

The family all got excited. Now we had a total of four cats apart from our pet dog “Brownie.”

I love cat pets because we no loner have mice in our home.

They also decorate the home with their colourful furs.

Their colours also add attraction to the flowers I grow around the home.

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Five things I do for fun

“Fun things I do are
things I find comfort in and
things that add value”

The ffirst thing I do for fun is drawing and painting.

Drawing keeps me focused and detailed.

I get absorbed into it and when I finally finish, it makes me feel good knowing that it comes naturally for me to draw and paint.

The second fun thing I do is selecting vibrant woollen coloure ropes I prefer best to make string bags or “bilum” we call it in Tokpisin,

Tok Pisin is one of our three official language we use in the country, beside Hiri Motu and English.

Bilum making is so exciting when I vision the final finish product.

That finised picture of the bilum captured in my mind excits me to go into labourous fun activity to twist the wollen ropes and start making loops for bilum bags.

Bilum bags are fun to make. Bilum bags are made for various purposes. They can be made for oneself or given as gifts to family members and friends.

Nowadays women weave bilum bags into garments for international fashion shows and bags for commercial purposes.

But as for me, I weave bilum bags to give as gifts as well as feeling the pleasure of creating one myself.

The third fun thing I do is potting plants.

I pot any ornamental plant I prefer best and plant them.

These plants can be used both indoors and outdoors.

I choose the plants I think would most benefit the air around the home and bring attractiveness to the home environment.

Most of these plants I have come from the plant and flower markets or I get exchanged from other flower growers.

I check my house plants every week and water them depending on the weather conditions.

During the hot weather, I water them twice a week and cooler days I water them once a week.

My plants also get diseases on them so I make sure I buy plant fungicides and insecticides to spray on them and make them grow well.

I buy plant food to make them grow healthy and look lavish.

Last year October and November 2022, I started succelents planting and they are very satisfying and less labourous unlike other ornamental plants.

They take up my time and I enjoy watching them grow.

The fourth fun thing I do is reading and writing haiku and other poems.

Writing haiku makes me feel more closer to the things around me like plants and flowers as well as nature including the whole universe.

Writng poems make me feel great.

Writng faith haiku is a form of meditation for me.

Writng haiku aslo makes me feel good about my passion in plants and flowers and other creative activities and my everyday experience.

I first started writng haiku through my meditional scriptures to feel closer to the creater of the universe.

The final fun thing I do is read.

I read often to learn new things around me and make informed decisions.

I read and take notes on subjects I think would develop me as a person and impart theses knowledge to others like my family members and the community around me.

Reading for me is fun and educational.

To conclude, the above are the five fun things I do that brings me joy and personal fullifiment. They not only benefit me personally but others as well when I start to impart, share and tell them of these knowledge.

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My Dream Job Is Write And Share.

A writng poem.

By jgp

My dream job is write to share just like a flower bloom!.

My dream job is write to share anything I know under the sun.

Even if I don’t know nothing to write about, I still know my breathing keeps me alive… “Inhale! Hold your breathe., . and exhale!” can be a topic to write about!

Iam inspired to write about nature of giving.

Nature gives! Nature gives us free air to breath, free sunlight and free earth to exist and live!

Just look at a flower! It just blooms by giving its beauty!

Here, I am writing to talk about that nature of giving!

A flower that gives and never opens its mouth to complain of the condition around its growth , but florishes and blooms glory!

Writing is a form of communication.

Writing is giving your time to educate, entertain, inform, and inspire others of the world around us.

Writng can source both from good and evil seeds.

Choose good seed to plant in your life.

If you want that good seed to florish, you have to take care of it by giving it water, plant food and exposing it outside for air and sunlight, so it can reach its maturity to bloom and finally die.. but wait a minute!..did I say die?.. Yes, flower dies but writing stays on forever and seeds grow again!

Writing can both be destructive like a tsunami and writng can be peaceful like a calm blue sea.

Writng can convey message of peace, love and hope and writng can convey message of hate, death and hell!

Which seeds do you want to choose, plant and share?

Cheer Up!



Yes, stap amamas olgeta taim!

Yu displa naispla plawa, i no same olsem ol arapla plawa Plawa blo yu em special na nais tumas, taim win i kisim yu, yu danis nais tumas!

Olgeta moning yu smile lo mi, taim ai blo mi lukim yu pas, yu mekim mi tingting lo laip blo mi nau.

Displa laip nau mi stap. Em I nais na sot na bai burk isi true olsem glass. Olsem na nau mi laik tokim yu, mekim sotpla laip blo yu I shine wantaim amamas lo olgeta taim!

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