June Acrostic


Arranged by joanna

J oy is in the Lord always

U ndo wrongs from others

N ever hold hurt against you

E mpty yourself and let go. ___—-_____——______—-___—————-_

Let go

and let the universe flow

in for wholeness

Let go

and flow

like river into the ocean

Let go

and be the brightest glow

like the sun

Let go

and show

like a colourful flower

Let go

be the willow

the zephyr blows

Let go

and know

you surely heal. ____——-________———___. _______

Blooms Attract


Pic by joanna

Bougainvillea blooms

Freshly painted petals show

Capturing my walk

as moths attract to bright light

I, myself become like one

#Tokpisin Translation

Plawa kisim lewa

Bougainvillea bloom

Nau yet, kala blo yu paint

Stilim laik blo mi

olsem butterfly long lait

Mi yet, tu kamap olsem

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HAIKU.. Morning light

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com

II’s a lovely sunday morning, the sun is not strong, a clear sky with this wispy morning wind. Light penetrates through the iron door frame. I am sitting behind the table infront of the open door leading to the verandha outside. Morning greets me with this beautiful velvety cool feeling. The guava, palm and bougainvillea leaves rustling as the morning wind blow past through them.

………… ___–/__/–………../……

morning breeze blowing

rustling leaves gracefully swaying

nature’s cooling fan

//. . By joanna Guiyop Pile….//

#haiku #haiga #tanka #shortstory