Dancing Garden #Haiku

when the sun is out together with the low breeze swaying leaves rustles I’m in the garden feeling the breeze caressing sun’s warmth feels cozy blooms in the garden clothed with many colours swaying towards me I dance with the blooms to the rhythm of the wind the sun dances too … “” “…….” “……”Continue reading “Dancing Garden #Haiku”

Kumul Pisin / #Haiku #tokpisin

Kumul i danis Sowim kala lo meri Bai laikim em moa Translations. Bird of paradise Dance to showoff your colours Attract ladies love 01/13/2021, By joanna Guiop Pile (Bird of paradise is a National Symbol of Papua New Guinea.. Endangered species of bird. They have beautiful plumages which the native use for decorations. In natureContinue reading “Kumul Pisin / #Haiku #tokpisin”