Pets Add colour

Animals I keep as pets
are like my ornamental plants beautifying home

By jgp

My son loves to keep cats as pets. When he was 9 years old, a neighbour gifted him an orange tiny kitten to look after.

He brought it home to me and said, ” Mummy I like this kitten, would you mind feeding it when I am gone to school?”

I agreed that I would take care and feed his tiny feline.

He gently placed it on my arm and it felt cold, tiny and frightened. We started to comfort the kitten and made a warm home for her in a box.

Next we made her warm milk and fed her. At first she felt frightened and shy but later came out to feed.

When my son went to school, I took care of his kitten and stayed with it all day. On the third day, the kitten started to settle down and played with my son and the whole family.

The bright tiny kitten grew fast and it’s fur was shiny and bright orange. My son named the cat Amibk Moss’ in my mother’s Kumai language is called a young lady.

One day Ambik Moss courted a young male cat and they played around our family backyard garden all day. Some weeks later our cat’s belly swell up and we knew she was pregnant.

One morning, we checked her home and she was with three tiny fluffy kittens, two orange grey and one full orange colour.

The family all got excited. Now we had a total of four cats apart from our pet dog “Brownie.”

I love cat pets because we no loner have mice in our home.

They also decorate the home with their colourful furs.

Their colours also add attraction to the flowers I grow around the home.

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