Life is haste

Life is haste

You can not do all things at once

Not seeking God is a waste

Life melts like ice

And disappears like vapour

Nothing in this world is new

So first seek God’s favour

because everything is in God’s view

Earnestly seek God first

Live in complete faith

So you will quench your thirst

And you will not faint

Without God in everything is vain

Let God be your concrete wall

because word has power to move mountain

Let God be in total control

Faith is seeing

My faith in you is real like a rock

I can’t see you like wind moving a clock

but I see you in the beauty of the sun rise

and the smiling face of my child winning a price

I smell you as I walk along the blooms in the garden

I see you in the twinkling star in the moonlight sky

And feel you in the cool breeze in the hot sunny day

and feel your touch in my prayer room hidden

I hear you in the crystal waters cascading with moist

I taste you in the weaves that gently sweeps along the sandy shores

and hear the human voice that sings praises that soars

When I taste suffering that exist

I believe your word says suffering will exit

My faith in you is big like a mountain

because of your promises, I am certain