My Dream Job Is Write And Share.

A writng poem.

By jgp

My dream job is write to share just like a flower bloom!.

My dream job is write to share anything I know under the sun.

Even if I don’t know nothing to write about, I still know my breathing keeps me alive… “Inhale! Hold your breathe., . and exhale!” can be a topic to write about!

Iam inspired to write about nature of giving.

Nature gives! Nature gives us free air to breath, free sunlight and free earth to exist and live!

Just look at a flower! It just blooms by giving its beauty!

Here, I am writing to talk about that nature of giving!

A flower that gives and never opens its mouth to complain of the condition around its growth , but florishes and blooms glory!

Writing is a form of communication.

Writing is giving your time to educate, entertain, inform, and inspire others of the world around us.

Writng can source both from good and evil seeds.

Choose good seed to plant in your life.

If you want that good seed to florish, you have to take care of it by giving it water, plant food and exposing it outside for air and sunlight, so it can reach its maturity to bloom and finally die.. but wait a minute!..did I say die?.. Yes, flower dies but writing stays on forever and seeds grow again!

Writing can both be destructive like a tsunami and writng can be peaceful like a calm blue sea.

Writng can convey message of peace, love and hope and writng can convey message of hate, death and hell!

Which seeds do you want to choose, plant and share?

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