Mountain Walk

22/04/22 #haibun#poetry#shortstory

Picture taken from Dom Tauna Da, Gumine District, Simbu Province, Papua New Guinea

The hurried afternoon walk uphill was exhausting after my first day from my mountain village.

My body kept telling me to rest, but I kept on walking until I reached the top! What an exciting feeling!

I made it in time to see and feel the soft glow of the setting sun gently carrying me beyond the horizon.

After a few minutes, I hurriedly walked down before the dark swallowed me. I was planning to walk for the second time up.

walking downhill soft glow from the twilight lights my path down

After descending, I rested some minutes and walked up again.

By this time, it was already dark. I reached the top again and came down with the torch light from my mobile.

the walk, I myself became the silhouette of the soft glow

22/04/22 #micropoetry#haibun#nature

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